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Singing Lessons during Covid

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Covid-19 presents a challenging time for the world. And ... during hard times, some find a way to "make lemonade out of a lemon".

People are finding an opportunity for self-discovery, self-reflection and rediscovering what really speaks to their hearts in times of duress. People are searching for things that lift their spirits and 'singing' is one of those things that can relieve the pain. They want to express their hearts, their hurts, their loves, their heartbreaks, their joys and pains to the world. They want to feel their feelings, reach out to others and touch them deeply with their passions and emotional outreach. Music always seems to speak to our hearts and souls. And everyone loves to sing!

Singing Lessons during Covid

Everyone wants to sing! Everyone wants to reach out to others in song when they cannot physically touch them, especially during such a time - this pandemic.

It's the time to enjoy our precious moments and sing our hearts out! We want to touch people and singing with love, warmth and beauty is a goal that can be reached.

The first ingredient is desire and having something to say. So just sing. Some just sing and find that inner voice and share it with the world.

Some search for singing lessons to take their voices to even a higher level. This can give people the confidence to enjoy their own voices even more and its beauty with a renewed confidence.

Whatever you do and however you do it is fine.

Some find it more fulfilling to learn the vocal ropes from a pro and give it a go! Some find that the better they sing the more they enjoy it! And isn't that what life's basic goal is about anyway. Enjoyment and happiness.

Some find that the better they sing, the more fun it is! Others just enjoy singing, however that sounds ... and that's wonderful too!

So take these moments, during a stressful time such as this, and transform them into moments that bring fulfillment and joy to your soul and others ... and just sing your heart out! Spread your inner voice out to the world, universe and beyond!

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