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Updated: Nov 28, 2023

professional singing tips

As singers, we are always trying to discover new ways to improve our voice - increase volume, eliminate nasality, improve pitch and breath control. Whether you are a professional singer in a band or someone who simply loves singing along to the radio, there’s always a good reason to learn how to improve your singing. The better we sing, the more fun it is and the more rewarding the feedback from others. Here are some quick tips that will help you sound better as a professional singing tips, and make singing more enjoyable for you and others listening to you sing.

1.) Breathe correctly: This is highly important for our vocals and needs good muscle training. Inhale using primarily the nose. Mouth breathing can cause unhealthy breathing habits such as ‘over-breathing’ and 'air depletion' which can create a vicious cycle and cause you to gasp for air between phrases.

2.) Believe in yourself: Don’t let negative/fearful thoughts in your head hold you back from feeling fully free to express yourself. Sometimes we say things like, “I don’t want to make a fool of myself.” Everyone has negative thoughts, but we don’t need to listen to them.

3.) Allow the fear to exist (instead of fighting it): Singing despite your fear works well. You could also repeat an empowering thought to yourself such as “Just do it” or “I can do it” or "Let it go" over and over in your mind which can override the negative thought.

4.) Study other professionals: Watch the overall posture, attitude and movement of professional singers. Learn from their mistakes and strengths. We can learn from others. Take notes.

5.) Take private singing lessons: Just like in sports you need an excellent coach, so too in singing, you need a highly qualified singing coach to teach you techniques that will help you improve your voice and teach you good vocal habits to last a lifetime.

Diana Drew is a professional, trained singer who earned an Honours degree in music performance at York University. She has also received formal training in voice, acting and she plays five instruments. She has worked professionally in television, radio, film and musical theatre.

Diana private online singing lessons and has been developing Lead Singers since 1988. She is a Breath Control Specialist who teaches anyone above age 6. She uses innovative singing instruction: intuitive, positive, affirming methods that produce amazingly impressive singers that sound completely 'natural'.

Students in the online singing lessons can learn the aspects of melody, harmony, intonation, vocal runs, nasal resonance, diaphragmatic effortless release, breath control, emotional catharsis, etc.

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