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Singing classes for adults

Improve your singing!                                                       Have fun!                                                  Sign up NOW!

Singing Lessons Markham
Private -sining Lessions
Singing Lessons Markham
Singing Lessons Markham
Singing Lessons Markham
Singing Lessons Markham
Singing Lessons Markham

Studio 55 offers "Vocal Group" Classes where singing students sing beautiful music and learn together! Singing students are matched with other singing students of similar abilities and ages. They can inspire each other and develop friendships with like-minded learners. But most of all, they have fun singing the songs they love to sing! Students enjoy choosing to sing from a variety of repertoire to expand their knowledge: pop, soul, R&B, jazz, Broadway, classics, ballads, modern country, etc. 


In the Group Vocal Classes, students learn to sing pitch perfect melody, harmony and counterpoint as it pertains to blended group singing. The basics of breath control, diaphragmatic functioning, pitchrange, emotional expression, etc. are incorporated into the classes. Students learn 
from the teacher and learn from one another. They learn to collaborate with other singers to blend to form beautiful vocal stylings! 
And, Group Singing Classes are very AFFORDABLE! 


The year ends with a Student Concert where singing students get the opportunity to perform a variety of songs with their group. 
Stage presence, blending voices, projecting and effortless sustaining of notes are some of the skills are just some of the skills taught in order perform in the student concerts.  

This Group Singing Classes are inspired by famous vocal groups such as Pentatonix, Nylons, Boyz II Men, Jackson 5 ...


         What: Group Singing Classes for different age groups

       Where: Online: using brand new Zoom technology designed specially for groups of singers!
        When: Sundays at 2 - 2:45 pm or Sundays at 7 - 7:45 pm

Start Date: the last week of September

      Length: 45 minutes for each class

          Who: Age groups: 6-13 yrs group / 14-19 yrs group / 19 yrs + adult group

 Auditions: required to see which class would be best for you!

          Cost: $300 for 8 classes 


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