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Singing Teacher, Professional Singer and Recording Artist, Diana Drew, BFA

advanced vocal training with an experienced singing teacher

Diana Drew, BFA Mus Honours

Diana Drew first stepped out on stage singing and playing the guitar at age seven. She was trained vocally by her father, a professional opera singer with the New York City Centre Opera Company, professional singer 'On Broadway' and gold medalist at Julliard School of Music.

At eleven years of age, three record companies were knocking on her door, but were declined in favour of a ‘normal’ childhood. Diana Drew earned an Honours degree in music performance at York University. She has sung professionally for many years at many venues including the Skydome, Maple Leaf Gardens, CNE, hotels, with special performances with the York Symphony Orchestra, for the Toronto Raptors, Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Argonauts, and the Toronto Blue Jays to name a few.

Diana Drew earned an honours degree in music performance at York University. She has sung professionally for many years at many venues including the Skydome, Maple Leaf Gardens, CNE, hotels, with special performances with the York Symphony Orchestra, for the Toronto Raptors, Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Argonauts, and the Toronto Blue Jays to name a few.

She has worked professionally on television, radio, video, film and musical theatre. Diana has formal training in voice, acting and five instruments. She has had the great privilege to sing for the likes of Oscar Peterson, Anne Murray, Russell Malone, Lorne Lofsky, Norman Amadio, Eric Traugott, and Eric Schultz to name a few in the music industry. 

One special thing that makes Diana unique is her story regarding her survival of two cancers, one of which was in her throat. Her doctor had told her in 2000 that she may never be able to sing again. With perseverance and patience, she miraculously relearned how to sing around her scars from the surgeries. Her voice is a testimony to determination, willpower and strength of spirit. Within the first few notes I think you'll agree that Diana sings like few others.

These are short excerpts from Diana's 'Diana Who' CD album. Enjoy.

Online Private Singing Lessons

Even though Diana sings jazz in this CD, she has performed and teaches


in the onlines singing lessons

because the breath control and

vocal muscular functioning

are the same.

Pictures of the band that helped record this CD for the singing teacher, Diana
Teacher Sings
At Last - Diana Drew
The Wave - Diana Drew
Something Stupid - Diana Drew
You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To - Diana Drew
Don't Get Around Much Anymore - Diana Drew
A Kiss to Build a Dream On - Diana Drew
picture of the singing teacher who gives online vocal training

“The voice is powerful, growly or sweeping, husky with hickory smoke…she holds the last note, holds it forever, leaving the sax and drums in her dust.” writes Mike Strobel of the Toronto SUN about Diana Drew's CD


Diana Drew stands out ... she's got one of those smokey, honey-dipped voices that rolls over you like a wave. Her sultry voice and relaxed demeanour made her a spellbinding choice to perform the classics. Diana has a star quality that audience members clearly appreciated." writes Tracey Tong of the Recorder and Times


"Whoa Canada! Check her out! Meet the other lovely blonde Canadian Jazz Singer named Diana! ...perfectly easy-listening jazz thanks to Diana's deep, warm delivery... pretty and inspiring! writes Jonaco, CD Baby Reviews, Boston"


“It’s Diana Drew ’s rich voice that makes her exceptional” writes Doug Ibbotson of the Toronto Star.
writes Doug Ibbotson of the Toronto Star


“She’s recorded a jazz album after recovering from cancer surgeries…been played on Jazz FM 91.1” writes Erika Heffernan of the Economist and Sun regarding Diana Drew's re-entry into the music business.


“I think the CD is wonderful! Her voice is effortless, delivered with smooth simplicity... just out of this world!” Colin Smith live on CKLN 88.1 regarding Diana Drew's vocal stylings.


“A singer in Toronto — Diana Drew. Her album is called ‘Diana Who’ … great stuff!” Terry McElligott live on Jazz FM 91.1 on Diana Drew's new CD


"Diana's voice is absolutely fabulous!" Liane Kotler, producer of Person to Person on Studio 2, TVO




  • Toronto, Ontario Easy Listening Radio  Phone:   416-544-0740  or 1-866-740- 4740

  • Swisssh Radio' via the Internet with host Rob Reid

  • 88.1-FM Jazz CKLN Toronto, Ontario

  • with Colin Smith and his show "One Flight Up" Tuesdays at 7am Phone: 416-595-1655 or 416-979-525 

  • Jazz Fm 91. 1 CJRT Toronto, Ontario -  Email:  or  Phone:  416-595-0404 

  • 104.9 JRFM Radio Toronto, Ontario , Easy Listening  Phone:  613-345-166

  • CHRY 105.5 MHz   North York, Ontario

  • CILU 102.7 FM   Thunder Bay, Ontario

  • CIUT 89.5 MHz   Toronto, Ontario

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  • CJSR 88.5 MHz   Edmonton, Alberta

  • CKMS 100.3 MHz   Waterloo, Ontario

  • CKLU 96.7 MHz   Sudbury, Ontario

  • CKUW 95.9 MHz   Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • CKXU 88.3 MHz   Lethbridge, Alberta

  • Cape Radio   Sydney, Nova Scotia

  • CFBU 103.7 MHz   St. Catherines, Ontario

  • CFBX 92.5 FM   Kamloops, British Columbia

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  • CFMU 93.3 MHz   Hamilton, Ontario

  • CFRC 101.9   Kingston, Ontario

  • CFUR 88.7 MHz   Prince George, British Columbia

  • CFXU 92.5 MHz   Antigonish, Nova Scotia

  • CHLY 101.7 MHz   Nanaimo, British Columbia

  • CHMA 106.9 MHz   Sackville, New Brunswick

  • CJUM 101.5 MHz   Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • CKDU 88.1 FM   Halifax, Nova Scotia

  • CFUV 101.9 FM   Victoria, British Columbia

  • CHSR 97.9FM   Fredericton, New Brunswick

  • CKUA 94.9 FM   Edmonton, Alberta



Diana Drew has entertained professionally for audiences in numerous venues throughout the years: singing and accompanying herself on piano or guitar, doing special guest appearances as well as fronting various bands:


Sky Dome

Maple Leaf Gardens

Sheraton Parkway


Inn on the Park

Markham Board of Trade

Devonsely Place

Scarborough Town Centre

Chick 'n Deli

Spring Lakes Golf Club

Brockvile Arts Theatre

Royal York Hotel

Markham Theatre

Nag's Head North

Carpenter's Arms

Inside Line

Victoria and Albert

Sergeant Pepper's

Hilton Suites Hotel

Markham Fair

The Crystal Palace

Diabetes Association

Canadian Cancer Society Relay

Lula Lounge, etc. 

York Symphony Orchestra

Markham Fair

Hilton Suites Hotel and Spa

Markham Jazz Festival

Four Seasons Sheridan Hotel

Markham Museum

Care Unlimited Volunteer Gala

CNIB Benefit Concert

Scarborough Civic Centre

Markham Board of Trade

Dave Tsubouchi Campaign

Ramada Renaissance

Sportsway Inn

Bobby Rubinos Restaurants

Duke of the Sea Tavern

Heritage Inn

York Downs Golf Club


Markham Heritage Festivals

Thousand Islands Jazz Festival

Sutton Place

Nashville Palace




Singing: Honours B.F.A. Music Degree from York University

Diana was trained by her father (a professional opera singer who toured with the New York City Centre Opera Company, performed on Broadway, a Gold Medalist at Julliard School of Music in New York) since the tender young age of 6 years. Although classically trained, Diana can sing many different styles of music. She is trained in the true 'Bel Canto' technique of singing which has a natural quality and character to the voice. The emphasis is on effortless vocal power as well as 'breath control'.




Guitar: studied classical, flamenco, folk and jazz privately with Andy Krehm, Bob Neveu, John Perrone, etc.


Piano: studied improvisation privately with Frank Falco, Casey Sokol; RCM Gr. 8 achievement, etc.


Banjo, Violin, Mandolin, Accordion: Diana studied banjo with Bob Neveu, violin with Rupert Holmes. Mandolin and accordion are self-taught.


Acting: studied with John Milton Branton.


Dance: studied with Yves Cousineau, Margo Bibby and Alice Kwong.


Music Theory: Theory, Rudiments, History, Harmony, Counterpoint, the Delamonte Method, etc.




Performing: Performing in numerous venues on stage since 1968 and professionally since 1980. [List of some performances in 'Past Performances' in a section above.]


Recording: Eastern Sound, Sounds Interchange, Imagine Sound, "This Is It" Studio, Ken Morley Sound, Kensington Sound, Wellesley Sound, Diana Drew Recording Studio, Acrobat Music Inc., Manta Sound, etc.


Video: VTR (recorded live at Eastern Sound), Chamberlain Productions, Ottaway Productions, Household Finance Commercial and Promotional Productions


Film: Millenium, Sing, Stigmata.


Television: CHCH-TV 11, The Nashville Network, Rogers, CTV with Patrick Whitely Productions, Global, Classicom, TSN, City-TV, On-Tidy Endings Series, etc., ACTRA member.


Radio: CFGM (recorded live at the Heritage Inn), CHRY Radio York, CKLN 88.1(with Colin Smith), 740AM (Barry Morden), CFJR 104.9 FM (Bruce Wylie), as well as approximately 26 other radio stations across Canada...


Symphonies: Special Guest Vocalist with York Symphony Orchestra with conductor Roberto De Clara


Music Theatre: "Lil' Abner" (Lead Role), "Comin' 'Round the Mountain" (Lead Role), All About Eve (Lead Role)...


Choir: York University Choir, Ionview Choir, WCCI choir


Dance: Canada's Wonderland: showgirl, singer/dancer, Royal York Hotel: choreography, back-up dancing in variety shows...


Special Skills: Singing Teacher since 1988; Piano and Guitar Teacher; two Public Speaking Awards; Musicals -Director, Illustrator and Cartoonist; Registered Lifeguard; 12+ levels of Figure Skating; speaks English, German and French; Business Affairs Councilor and Director of Social and Cultural Affairs for York University.

Human and Child Development Training: completed four years at Landmark Education including the 'Leadership' program in 'How to be a Leader in your Life'; graduate of the Hoffman Process; five years of 'Free to Be You' training; seven years of behavior psychology training with renowned Dr. Edward Meade. 

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Singing teacher gives virtual voice lessons

Diana singing at the Air Canada Centre for the Toronto Blue Jays and she is pictured on the large Jumbotron.

Singing teacher performs and offers online vocal training

Diana singing at Maple Leaf Gardens for the Toronto Maple Leafs

The singing teacher performs at the Air Canada Centre and currently offers singing lessons via Zoom

Diana singing at the Air Canada Centre (ormerly SkyDome for the

Toronto Argonauts football game

online singing lessons for beginners offered by singing teacher who is performing here for the Toronto Raptors game

Diana singing at the Air Canada Centre for the Toronto Raptors

The professional online singing teacher meets with the late and renowned Oscar Peterson

Diana at the VIP after-show party with the late famous jazz pianist, Oscar Peterson

Experienced vocal teacher offers voice lessons for beginners

Diana with CITY-TV's television personality, John Gallagher at the Toronto Raptor's game

Remote singing classes are offered by experienced performer and singing teacher Diana Drew

Diana in an interview at AM740 with Radio Personality, Barry Morden

Online singing lessons for beginners

Diana backstage with band members at the Thousand Island Jazz Concert. 

[From left to right] David Field (Bass), Laurie Bower (Trombone), Luis Mario Ochoa (Guitar), Diana Drew (Vocalist), The Late Ian Bargh (Piano) and Don Vickery (Drums)

Skype voice lessons are offered by experienced performer and singing teacher, Diana Drew

Diana's name up on the Marquee at the Brockville Arts Centre Jazz

Experienced singing teacher offers singing Lessons via Zoom

The promotional ad for Diana's performance at Lula Lounge with her Jazzamatazz band for a charity event

Singing teacher with her jazz band at the Markham Jazz Festival

Diana with band members at the Markham Jazz Festival (including John Johnson on saxophone on the right).

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