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Your gratitude makes my HEART SING! 

Vocal Lessons testimonials

This is likely going to be a long review...but if you’re truly looking for a good vocal coach, then take a minute and read. I started with Diana when I was only 9 years old. I didn’t know the first thing about how to sing properly, only that I liked to sing. I’ll never forget how nervous I was the very first time I stepped foot into her studio thinking I’d be judged and graded on my voice. I remember this woman’s beautiful face with such kind eyes greeted me and led me to her piano where she told me I could pick any song, she’d play it for me and I’d sing along; I chose Jewel - Foolish Games. She laid out the sheet music and started playing. I was SO nervous I could barely get a note out. She made sure to encourage me and keep eye contact with me...smiling with this look on her face as if to say “you’re doing great, you got this”. Within seconds of singing, I had this rush of calm come over over me and my voice opened up like a bird spreading its wings. My mom was in the room and when I looked over at her, she had tears in her eyes. I looked at Diana and she smiled at me with such pride. I remember in that moment, I felt so special!!! I knew right then this had to be a part of my life. Fast forward 13 years later, and I had become the kind of singer I could have only dreamed of being! It became my passion and my drive. Diana’s direction and guidance wasn’t like anything I had ever experienced. She was patient, attentive and had a magical way of knowing exactly what to say and when. She could hear things in my voice I couldn’t hear myself! She made me a stronger singer, she taught me confidence, she understood me and my voice, she taught me to let go of all my inhibitions and always believe in myself! She always had faith in me and was more supportive than I could write in words. Diana’s ability to invest in her students as people and not just in their talent is uncanny. She has a magical soul and a talent that is unmatched! The way she imparts her knowledge into her students id unprecedented. She undoubtedly changed my life and I owe a large part of who I am to her. No thank you’s would ever be enough for what Diana has taught me and all she has done for me. I can truly, from the bottom of my heart say, that if you invest in Diana, your rewards will pay out ten fold! I give you my word!!!!!!

-  Terrianne(Student)

Vocal Lessons testimonial

I really love my singing lessons! Diana makes it a lot of fun because she has singing games that help me learn and are super fun! And my family loved the CD I made in my singing lessons online!

Testimonials for Vocal Lessons

Diana has always prepared me so well for my auditions! I successfully auditioned for many competitions with her guidance and help. She designed vocal exercises which specifically targeted my challenges and goals. She can hear what I can't in my voice. I recommend Diana very highly to anyone looking for an excellent singing teacher.

- Gordon (Student)

Vocal Lessons testimonials

Diana has an exceptional understanding of many different music styles and genres. She makes lessons fun, all the while I'm learning so much! I have wasted so much time and money before with teachers that just didn't help my singing. I'm so glad I found Diana!

- Katie (Young Student)

- Nicole (Student)

Vocal Lessons testimonials

I don't know how she does it? ... but my daughter just sounds better when she comes to Diana for singing lessons!

- Shannon (Parent)

Vocal Lessons testimonial

I want to thank Diana for all her help that made my singing so much more powerful! I also feel more comfortable with an audience using her tools and doing the exercises she recommended for my anxiety! I feel way more confident. I can't wait to come back again for more singing lessons next year!"

- Tamara (Student)

Vocal Lessons testimonials

I really enjoy singing in the student concerts now! It brings out my nerves, but now I find it exciting to perform! I used to freeze up in front of an audience, but not anymore! Diana helped build my confidence using exercises that really work! I recommend her very highly!

- Karen (Adult Student)

Vocal Lessons testimonials

I want to thank Diana so much for helping me prepare for my singing competition! I know I can always count on her. And I made it to the next round with her help. I couln't have done it without her!

- Lee (Student)

Vocal Lessons testimonials

I'm grateful for the support Diana has given our son. It's hard being a teenager and she is one of the most important, positive influences in his life right now. There's not a lot of things he likes these days, but he loves his voice lessons most and I thank her for that!

- Emilia (Parent)

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