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Semi-Private Online Singing Lessons

These weekly singing classes are for singers all ages. Having the positive guidance and encouragement of a vocal expert alongside your learning process can save you precious time and vocal stress and increase your confidence! Learning to sing is achieved through demonstration, visualization, exercises, recordings, mastering techniques, etc.
Learning proper vocal technique will help you with your pitch/tuning, timing, power, vocal range, breath control, vocal tension release, etc. 


Semi-Private Singing Lessons

... are more affordable and tons of fun when you can learn with a friend or family member! You can spend time together working on songs that you both enjoy! 


The singing teacher can work with you easily and effortlessly online giving you customized feedback to help you improve your singing ability. 

Some like to learn to harmonize together and take turns singing 'Lead'. You can record online professionally and hear your progress as the singing instructor guides you through your musical journey ...

... about recording online

All students have access to the professional recording studio online. We make high quality recordings.  And ... it's super fun to hear yourself on a professional recording! 

Contact the Singing teacher (CLICK BELOW) now for more details and to book a no-charge online interview to ask the singing teacher all the questions you want and get the learning started!

Singing Duo
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