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Can I Learn to Sing at 50+?

So let's just put it out there - the answer is: YES.

And here are 10 motivational thoughts about that:

1.) YES, it is never to late to learn how to sing just as it is never to late to learn a language and

2.) YES, you can still improve your voice when you are older and that is not a factor that should hold you back and

3.) YES, you, as an older singer, have MORE rich life experiences to pull from as you explore the deeper meaning of a song to pour into the expression and

4.) YES, singing can help you keep your mind and body stay sharp or become sharper and

5.) YES, singing can burst through anyone's "shyness" as they learn (through becoming aware of limiting ideas and using motivational exercises) to change the way they talk to themselves before, during and after they sing. People say singing can be a self discovery process and

6.) YES, singing helps people fulfill their "bucket list" by fulfilling a life goal they have always wanted to fulfill but didn't have the time, money or energy to pursue before and

7/) YES, singing improves people's positive outlook and has been known to lift people up from feeling down and singing the blues and

8.) YES, singing can help people with their breathing, confidence and empowerment even later in life, especially if these things have been a problem for people for quite some time and

9.) YES, singing has been proven to ward off cognitive impairment and aid cognitive healing. It even helps people with dementia connect with their inner emotions and feelings in a healthy way and

10.) YES, singers can be more receptive to instruction from an actual qualified singing teacher after going through the long process of being what I call a "serial course taker" lol. This 'spinning of the wheels' can help people be ready to work with someone that actually knows what they are doing.

There is a book called "Life Is Short, Wear Your Party Pants" by Loretta LaRoche. I love that title and that's what truly inspires many 50+ people to live their life to the fullest and finally do what they've always wanted to do...

As a matter of fact when you ask yourself "Why sing at 50+?"

The answer could easily be "Why not."

And that deserves a round of applause.

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