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Studio 55 has been in existence since 1988. Many former singing students have gone on to have professional careers using their voices powerfully in their vocations.  'Studio 55' (formerly 'The Diana Drew Singing and Recording Studio' for 21 years and 'Center Stage Singing and Recording Studio' for a few years) has an excellent track record for helping people achieve their vocal goals and aspirations since 1988. 

Many students have gone on to work at Stratford; performed at large venues touring North America, Europe; worked at hotels and clubs; worked as recording artists at Phase One Studios; performed in New York Musicals On Broadway; sang with bands such as Downchild Blues Band, Three Days Grace, King James Version; had successful solo careers; are hired by Amazon as voice artists for Audibles; sang in various commercials for large companies such as Frigidaire, McDonalds, Tim Hortons; sang anthems at National Sporting events, performed backup vocals for celebrities such as Alicia Keys, Drake, Alessia Cara, etc. 

Professional RECORDING STUDIO Onsite!

All singing students have access to making high quality professional recordings during the online singing lessons. Some people make demo recordings to submit to record companies, managers, agents, etc. Some people make recordings for the sheer enjoyment!

Recording the voice on high quality professional equipment is a great teaching tool. In these recordings, singing students can hear exactly what the audience hears. There is no guesswork. This helps build confidence in the singer and helps the singer achieve his/her goals. 

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Professional Recording Studio is accessible for all students in their Singing Lessons

Studio 55 gives singers the opportunities to achieve their vocal goals:


  • learning skills to help increase your vocal range

  • teaching beginners properly from the start so that they have vocal skills for life

  • learning effortless belting and power vocal strategies

  • taking professional singers up to a higher level of singing

  • learning Breath Control strategies so you can sustain your notes so long as to impress your audiences ... 

  • learning strategies to prevent future vocal damage by 'letting go' of the voice instead of pushing and forcing it

  • introducing a wide range of vocal genres to educate the singer on the wide variety of music around the world

  • saving you time and money by learning what works best right from the beginning 

  • helping you put your genuine, natural personality in songs to really "make them you own"

  • learning how to deliver a song with relaxed, clear, yet natural diction that matches your speaking voice

  • teaching intonation so that singers are pitch perfect

  • enhancing your personal vocal strengths and learning to strengthen any vocal challenges using positive reinforcement

  • teaching singers how to handle life's ups and downs on stage - for example: singing with a cold or laryngitis or mic failures, etc. and how to handle problems in a professional manner as they arise 

  • how to face vocal fears, stage fright, etc. and how to replace them with empowering thoughts and feelings using exercises demonstrations, visualizations, etc. 

  • achieve complete fluidity from low to high range without 'breaks' and tensions in the voice

  • learning a singer's theoretical basics such as intervals, sight singing, rhythms, dynamics, etc. depending on what the singer needs to reach their goals

  • learning to navigate the music industry so that it works best for you!

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Whether you are a beginner or more advanced singer, online singing lessons are custom fit for your needs. It saves you time and money in the long run by learning the technique correctly the first time from an experienced, qualified singing teacher. And singing students keep those good habits for life! 

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