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Private singing lessons for adults

Private Online Singing Lessons

Customized private singing lessons that help you take your singing to the next level whether you're a beginner or an experienced vocalist. Our focus on training lead singers will give you the edge you need to achieve your goals and get the lead roles you deserve. Sign up for a class today and see what you're truly capable of!

Recording in the Singing Studio
  • lessons by experienced University-Qualified Singing Teacher, Professional Singer and Recording Artist: Diana Drew, B.F.A. Mus. Honours, who has been teaching since 1988

  • teaching types of music; all levels from beginners to advanced; all ages 

  • the teacher is a breath control specialist

  • student concerts

  • Professional Recording Studio on premises - it takes the guesswork out of learning when students can clearly 'hear' their vocal improvement

  • video recordings during lessons for optimum learning

  • learn to sing for professional use or for enjoyment!

  • innovative, positive singing instruction produces very impressive singers that sound completely 'natural'

  • preparation for auditions

  • learn how to increase vocal range

  • singing students learn how to cope with performance anxiety and stage fright

  • learn to make singing effortless without vocal strain or pain

  • learn to find your own unique, genuine singing style that sets you apart from all the others and the competition

  • full professional Vocal Stage Sound system for all singing students to use online in preparation for professional performances

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