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Private singing lessons for adults

Private Online Singing Lessons

 ...developing singers to become Lead Singers ...
                                                           ... Lead Singers get the"Lead Roles" ...

  • lessons by experienced University-Qualified Singing Teacher, Professional Singer and Recording Artist: Diana Drew, B.F.A. Mus. Honours

  • teaching since 1988

  • teaching all genres/types of music

  • Breath Control Specialist

  • for ages 6 to adult

  • student concerts

  • Professional Recording Studio on premises - it takes the guesswork out of learning when students can clearly 'hear' their vocal improvement

  • video recordings during lessons for optimum learning

  • learn to sing for professional use or for enjoyment!

  • innovative, positive singing instruction produces very impressive singers that sound completely 'natural'

  • preparation for auditions: radio, film, theatre, commercials, television shows, record company managers, etc. 

  • a wide variety of music styles and repertoire in the singing lessons: including R&B, soul, pop, rock, jazz, classical, folk, blues, country, world music, EDM, etc.

  • learn how to increase vocal range

  • learn how to add that professional polish so you can feel like a real professional, prepared for auditions and competitions

  • improve stage presence and stage confidence 

  • singing students learn how to cope with performance anxiety and stage fright

  • singing students are trained to be powerful soloists and 'Lead Singers' not just background singers. Singers are trained to get the 'Lead Roles' in auditions and the solos

  • the singing teacher has the practical, professional experience to guide singing students in the direction they want to go in the music industry -- whether it's finding the appropriate agent or manager or preparing singing students with the skills they will need to pursue the type of music career of their choosing

  • with correct vocal training, your voice can have a more professional polish for singing, acting or public speaking  or presentations

Singing Teacher Diana Drew

Singing Teacher
Diana Drew, B.F.A. Mus 

  • learn to make singing effortless without vocal strain or pain

  • learn to 'let go' and relax tense throat muscles

  • learn to put more genuine expression in your singing and release fears

  • learn vocal tools, tips and tricks that will help you enjoy singing even more and achieve a powerful performance

  • learn to find your own unique, genuine singing style that sets you apart from all the others and the competition

  • singing students can record professional, high quality CDs for professional demos or for sheer enjoyment! There are no extra costs involved - all recording is included in the lessons

  • full professional Vocal Stage Sound system for all singing students to use online in preparation for professional performances

  • learn microphone techniques

  • when you learn from an experienced, highly-trained Singing Teacher, you can actually save time and money in the long run - you avoid having to unlearn bad habits and having to heal vocal damage - we believe in prevention of vocal injury and strain that is caused by incorrect singing technique 

  • the earlier young people begin to learn good habits, the easier it will be to instill good vocal habits that will be there for their life! 

online singing lessons for adults
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