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The Mind/Body Connection when Singing

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

It amazes me how often that people are unaware of how important the mind/body connection is when singing! They can be so wrapped up in singing technique, singing technique, and more singing technique, that they miss the connection and magic when mind and body both come together in a harmonious balance.

The power of the mind, when used in conjunction with excellent vocal technique, makes the vocals soar to immeasurable heights, freedom and ultimately fun!

Connection when Singing

Often people will have a critical, negative voice inside their head, that can stop them in their tracks, tense their vocal muscles, induce fear, and frighten them before singing that 'big note'.

Many people don't even realize how cruel they are speaking to themselves. The negative voice is in their 'blind spot' " so to speak.

They cannot solve the problem with the same mind that created it. They cannot see the cause or root of their own vocal problem(s).

Vocal technique, without mindful freedom, is like putting a bandaid on the problem instead of getting to the root cause.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Many vocal issues left unattended grow into unpleasant barriers for the singer down the road.

It takes an experienced vocal instructor to go deeper with the singer than just ongoing repetitive surface level exercises.

Specialized, guided deep exercises make the singer aware of 'exactly what the negative voice is saying'. Then there are other exercises that make the singer aware of exactly which muscles are tensing up. Each singer has a different combination of tensions that hold them back from vocal freedom.

These tensions often are a result of their past unresolved issues that cause unwanted tension in the body. If we don't clear out the negative past experiences, those tensions come into our future functioning. And this ultimately prevents complete vocal freedom.

After diving deep into fears that hold us back, an experienced teacher can help the singer replace the negative inner dialogue with inspiring, comforting words that promote the ultimate vocal freedom!

It's seems simple, and yet it's actually a process that takes patience and perseverance. And the resultant vocal freedom is totally worth it!

When we clear the mind of fears, hurts, embarrassments, shame, guilt, etc. for more vocal freedom, it's amazing how positively it affects our daily lives as well. Being happier in our lives in general, is definitely a nice added bonus.

When that mental clearing has been successfully achieved, the physiological aspects of singing, such as breath control, power belting, emotional variation, diction, vocal intention, etc. can all work at their optimum!

And as a result, this synergistic combo makes singing so much more fun!

After getting to the root of the problem, there is nothing holding the singer back emotionally and psychologically anymore from having complete vocal freedom!

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