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"... She could hear things in my voice I couldn’t hear myself! She made me a stronger singer ... she taught me to let go of my inhibitions and believe in myself ..."

Online private singing lessons


At Studio 55 you get the 'personal experience'.

Experience the benefits of personalized attention from an experienced teacher/performer/recording artist at Studio 55. No longer will you be lost among thousands of students and teachers at large companies. Our CUSTOMIZED APPROACH ensures that you receive the level of personal attention you need to meet your goals. Especially when it comes to private singing lessons, correct instruction is critical. The highly trained, experienced teacher at Studio 55 is dedicated to helping you reach your singing potential and achieve your goals. 

Student Testimonials!

4 WARNING SIGNS to look for to avoid wasting your time and money on inexperienced singing teachers ...

singing teachers who dont sing

Singing teachers that don't know how to sing well themselves.

no experience teacher

Singing teachers whose performing experience with singing solo is little to none. 

piano teacher who can't sing

Piano teachers who teach singing on the side.

in-experienced singing teachers

Inexperienced teachers who are still learning how to teach during your lessons and can't diagnose vocal issues quickly and effectively.

For example: some teachers may simply instruct you to 'use your diaphragm' and leave you to figure it out. WHAT!?!

At Studio 55, our experienced teacher will carefully explain exactly how to get your diaphragm working correctly, ensuring that there's no confusion or guesswork involved. Once you've achieved this, your new skills will stay with you for life!


At Studio 55 there is one teacher with 35 yrs plus of teaching experience, 45 yrs plus of professional performing experience and a very long resume to back it up.

 Experienced singing teacher singing at a Toronto's Raptors game

Diana is singing for a Toronto Raptors game.

Singing teacher is being recorded during a  live Radio interview at AM-740.

Diana is being recorded during a  live Radio interview at AM-740.

The singing teacher is singing at the Air Canada Centre for a Blue Jays game. 

Diana is singing at the Air Canada Centre for a Blue Jays game. 

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Singing teacher, Diana Drew:
"I care about each and every one of my students."

Things I can do to HELP YOU reach your goals:

1.) I can help you FACE YOUR FEARS, stage fright, anxieties, etc. with strategies that show you how to replace them with empowering thoughts and feelings using exercises demonstrations, visualizations, etc. 2.) I listen to your UNIQUE SINGING VOICE to see what you personally might need to take your singing up to a HIGHER LEVEL. 3.) I find the physiological TENSIONS and help you RELEASE them one by one until your voice is free! 4.) I help you increase your VOCAL RANGE. 5.) I teach you to have EFFORTLESS BELTING AND VOCAL POWER strategies 6.) I teach you 'BREATH CONTROL' strategies so you can sustain your notes so long that you can WOW your audience! 7.) I teach you strategies to PREVENT FUTURE VOCAL DAMAGE by 'letting go' of the voice instead of pushing and forcing it. 8.) I introduce you to a WIDE VARIETY OF MUSIC GENRES to educate the singer on musical diversity. 9.) I SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY by teaching you what works best right from the beginning so you don't need to eliminate bad habits later and relearn concepts.   10.) I help you put your genuine, natural personality into songs so you can really "MAKE THEM YOUR OWN". 11.) I help you deliver a song with a relaxed, clear, yet NATURAL speaking quality. 12.) I help you with your intonation so that you are PITCH perfect. 13.) I help you with your CONFIDENCE by using various tried-and-true positive reinforcement methods. Singing lessons need never result in tears as a result of angry, hurtful instruction. We want to build self esteem, not destroy it. 14.) I help you handle life's ups and downs on stage - for example: singing with a cold or laryngitis or mic failures, etc. and teach you how to HANDLE ANY VOCAL AND ON-STAGE PROBLEMS in a practical, professional manner.   15.) I can help you achieve complete fluidity from your low to high range and ELIMINATE ANNOYING 'BREAKS', flips and tensions in the voice. 16.) I can teach you MUSIC THEORY basics such as intervals, sight singing, rhythms, dynamics, etc. depending on what you need to reach your goals. 17.) I can guide you to navigate the MUSIC INDUSTRY so that it works best for you! ... and so much more ... That is just a small sample of what my genuine caring, experience and knowledge can do for you. You are "one of a kind" and special - and I want YOU to know that!


  • for all ages

  • for beginners to advanced singers

  • by University-qualified, experienced singing teacher, recording artist and professional singer

  • teaching since 1988

  • specialize in breath control

  • natural speech-like singing and bel canto techniques 

  • student concerts 

  • learn different types of music: R&B, pop, rock, metal, Broadway, rap, hip hop, EDM, etc.

  • positive teaching approach builds confidence 


kid having fun singing with headphones

Singing lessons for Adults
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