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Want to sing more  powerfully, reach that high note, and sing with more confidence?

Not all singing lessons are created equal.

When you study with someone that truly knows what they are doing, it DOES make a difference. That is why all lessons are taught by an experienced, professional singer, recording artist and University-qualified teacher who has been teaching since 1988. And if you are talented and want to take your singing to a higher level or expertise, you want to learn from someone who really knows what they are doing. 

Well, did you know that EVERYONE CAN SING! And the notion of being 'tone deaf' doesn't exist! 

If you fit into any of the above, I'd love to see how I can best help you! It's never too late!

1.) Are you a closet singer? 
2.) Do you sing only in the shower or car? 
3.) Are you frightened that you'll find out that you actually can't sing?
4.) Is singing something you've always wanted to be good at?


To hear the Singing Teacher sing:

You can save so much money and time in the long run ... when you study with someone who is highly experienced. With regular vocal lessons, an experienced teacher can get to the root of the problem, instead of wasting money and time with minimal to no improvement. And you keep the new healthy vocal habits for life!


Call or email us for a free interview. This meeting is to help the teacher to see how you can best be helped and get a sense of what good quality singing lessons can give you.


Singing lessons help people in many areas of life: 

  • become a better public speaker for business meetings 

  • be able to present in front of any size audience 

  • heal tired/sore vocal chords 

  • have more fun and enjoyment from singing better and from a better audience reaction to your singing

  • voice acting

  • use the voice more powerfully, effortlessly and feel more confident 

  • add to your 'triple threat' resume

  • train to become a professional singer


Whatever your needs are, proper vocal instruction can improve your life and feeling of self confidence!

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Singing Lessons

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