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It's important to perform live in front of an audience! Practice makes perfect. And the more you put yourself out there on stage the more comfortable you feel. Eventually you feel so free vocally, you get (what we call) a vocal 'high' on stage. There is no better feeling.

From my experience, I feel there is nothing as exciting as performing! When singers have the opportunity to perform in front of a large audience at a professional venue with all the bells and whistles: racked stage lights, professional sound engineers and high-quality sound equipment, cordless microphones, etc. that is an opportunity of a lifetime!

The singing students at Studio 55 get that opportunity to prepare for and use the techniques they have learned in weekly lessons on a live spectacular stage! The venue in the photo of this article is the place where students get to learn the ropes so-to-speak. They get the opportunity to grow as a singer and entertainer. Singing isn't just about singing; it's about stage presence, being exciting visually, engaging the audience in a two-way conversation using the song as the materials.

And it's so fun! Once you've gotten the fist times jitters out of the way, it just gets better and better and more fun! Not to mention you learn to gradually become an expert at your craft. Baby steps turn into brave, powerful steps as you prance around the stage like the star you deserve to be!

Student concerts are not the boring recitals in a little bland room they once used to be. The lights, action and cameras are all on YOU! You learn what it feels like to be real deal. You embrace your confidence and the stage is your oyster!

All eyes are on YOU! You just sing your heart out!

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